Input and Output

Sometimes a week just sucks. Not the entire week, but parts. And I guess it’s true that all weeks can suck if you want to look at them that way. I don’t want to, but I have to acknowledge the suck in order to move on… Prepare for the rant…

So every workout this week sucked. Why? No idea. In what capacity? Well, let me tell you: Monday – scheduled ride. It was f-f-f-f-freezing and I don’t have the appropriate cycling gear to keep myself warm. Had to cut it short. Tuesday – scheduled swim. Coach thought it would be a good idea to challenge my swimming abilities. And I failed. And ended up frustrated. Wednesday- scheduled run. Also sucked. Why? Who the eff knows?? Thursday – scheduled ride. It was cold and I was underdressed, though dressed more warmly than Monday, but still…I guess it was fine. Friday – scheduled swim. Show up to get in the pool only to be told that it was time for Aqua Zumba. Are you freaking kidding me???? I was not happy.

Rant over.

It’s my 4th week with the coach. Maybe I’m getting tired. Maybe this is the part of the training where it gets hard so I want to quit. Maybe I don’t want to do this anymore. Maybe I’m wondering who the hell I think I am? I’m a couch potato who’s been ripped from her couch to ride her bike in the freezing cold, and to drive to the pool to have it occupied by a bunch of dancing grandmas. Is this what I want to spend my time doing? No. I want to do my workouts and get on with my day. I want things to run smoothly. Nothing was smooth about this week.

Ok, this is also the part of the training where I start to overthink everything. Best to just keep moving and think on the run. Or ride. Or swim. Truth be told I do enjoy it still. I can see that this was just a craptastic week and put it in the rearview. It doesn’t help that my nutrition has been less than stellar and I’ve had a few cocktails over this holiday week. Good input equals good output. If I feed and care for myself better then my workouts will be better. As my mother always told me, “keep it in perspective, Karen”. She’s right. This is just all for fun. So time to lace up and get back out on the road. Although my couch and my quilt and episodes of Gilmore Girls sound quite appealing right now, no progress will be made there today.

What have I learned this week? Sometimes things just suck and you have to keep going anyway. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when it’s a struggle. It’s ok to be frustrated but don’t quit. I mean I could quit if I wanted to, but I don’t want to. I think it’s important to know what you really want. Things aren’t always easy or smooth, but deal and move on smartly. Good input equals good output: Nutrition, hydration, organization, preparation, and  attitude.

To Do:

  • make a list of cycling gear for Santa to bring me
  • watch more swimming videos
  • relax



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