This week’s workouts plus tips for surviving humidity

So my goal for the summer is to exercise one hour per day, five days per week. 

I got 4 workouts in this week so far with another one planned for today. Boom.

My other goal is to eat salads with protein for lunch. 

I’d like to think it helps to balance out all the ice cream I’ve been eating. #moderation

Since June was comprised of sitting on the couch (mostly) and running (sporadically), this week’s workouts were a bit slower. I’d like to blame the humidity and lack of air conditioning in my house, but I know that’s just part of it. 

Speaking of humidity, I wanted to share a few tips for exercising safely during the hot summer months:

  1. Get outside early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening. Avoid doing a strenuous workout between 10:00-4:00 when the sun is brightest and hottest.
  2. Bring water with you. I have a Camelback that I use for long runs. For shorter runs I usually leave my water bottle nearby.
  3. Find a route that has people watering their lawns. I love to take a quick run through the sprinkler. I’ll admit that I’ve also run through the sprinklers in my local water park too. So fun.
  4. Use a cooling towel. I bought one that I soak in water then apply to my neck and shoulders. But any damp towel will help bring down your temperature and cool you off.
  5. Slow down. This is not the time for crazy-strenuous speed workouts. Take walk breaks if needed. What’s great about training in humidity is that you will be stronger and faster in the fall when the weather cools down. Really.
  6. Wear sweat-wicking loose clothing. No cotton anything! Cotton is not your friend for a workout in humid weather. You’ll just get sweaty and wet and overheat and probably end up with swamp crotch. Eww. Dress for the weather. Tank tops and shorts are the uniform of the day.
  7. Stay indoors. Go to the gym and use the treadmill in the air conditioning. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. And when you’re done give youself a high five for being a badass. Working out in the humidity is not easy.

Any other tips for exercising in humid weather?