St. Patrick’s Day Road Race 2016

The 41st annual Holyoke Road Race 10k was held Saturday March 19th. This was my second time running it and my husband’s first. It’s a very hilly course (341 feet of elevation according to my Garmin). But the weather cooperated with abundant sunshine, a slight breeze, and temps around 40 degrees. A perfect day to be outside. I was feeling good, calm, not nervous at all. I just figured I’d go out there and do my best. Whatever that means on any particular day. That’s all any of us can do, right?


race bibs and t shirts


There were almost 6,000 runners, which is about 2,000 more than last year. It. was. bananas. Oh the humanity! There was just a sea of people running, walking, drinking, cheering. It was incredible. I wish I had more photos of race day, but I honestly didn’t take any. Most of the pictures here are thanks to my friends who are way more organized than I am.  Rather than go into every gory detail about each mile, I think I’ll just summarize with a Top 6.2 List:

1. Running with Bob. Or at least we both ran the race even though we didn’t stay together. I loved that he was out there running his race while I was running mine.



2. Our friends made us a sign! It was a total surprise and it made me so happy to see them out around mile 2.5 and then at the finish line. Fantastic!

Bob, Carol, and me


3. One of my friends has an apartment at the finish line. Warm, dry, clean. Food, water, potty, friends. All awesome. Hanging out with my running buddies before and after the race was the best.


warming up before the race

4. Running all the hills. Oh, yes. Those hills were mine. I walked them last year, but I reminded myself that I decided to do my best, and on race day that meant running. As I said in Attitudes, hills are where the growth happens, and after this race my confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

5. I averaged 11 minute miles, which I’m proud of considering how challenging the course is. I’m really happy with my results.

6. Along with the decision to do my best, I also decided not to drink at the insanely crowded after party. Such a good decision for me. And I’m so proud of myself for my self control. It would have been so easy to grab a beer and start to booze-face, but I didn’t want to. So I didn’t. And the next day the only ache I had was in my muscles. My head was clear and that was a pretty great feeling.

And last but not least:

.2 – Bonus! You can put Apple earbuds through the wash and they will work just fine. I left mine in my shirt pocket accidentally. Now they’re clean and ready for my next run. Derp.


Up next:

  • Planning out my spring and summer race and training schedules!
  • Waiting on my new shoes! Just ordered the Brooks Launch 3 and I can’t wait to try them out.

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