Currently I am winding down another school year. I’m feeling tired and stressed and also hopeful and excited. My to-do list at home keeps getting longer as I say to myself “I’ll get to that after the school year is over”. The problem with that procrastinator mentality is that it doesn’t help me feel better and means that I might not get anything done at all.

Currently I have a dog who injured his paw and requires a lot of care. This has been an ongoing saga for a couple of weeks or so, but worsened yesterday. He started limping and seemed like he was in pain. So back to the vet he went and returned home with antibiotics, pain pills, and no more bandage. He needs extra TLC now and I hate that I’m in school all day and can’t keep my boy company.

Dio's paw
Dio playing coy with the camera
Currently I have another dog whose new favorite thing is licking a spot on her leg. So she’s wrapped up and tied with a bow as well. And yes, her little sock does have kitties on it.

lotus paw

Currently I am eating soup and a bagel with cream cheese for lunch. And have been for a week. For weeks prior to this I was bringing yummy salads full of protein and colorful veggies, but have turned to comfort food while I try to manage all this stress in my life.

Currently I am not running. I’m also not swimming or riding my bike. Currently I am getting through this last week of work and then I will swim/bike/run. Really. I promise. I’ve got a rough plan for summer vacation. Last weekend I basically stayed close to my couch and my quilt. I know myself well enough to know that I need down time. The week before I was in Newport only to return home to dog injuries and STRESS. I also know that running is a wonderful stress reliever, but being away from my boy for any time longer than necessary would be more stressful. I feel this way even though I have a wonderful, caring, capable, husband at home who cares just as much as I do for our pups. Puppy guilt is real, people.

Currently I have a giant bag of iris plants and hostas from a co-worker pal. I’m not a gardener even though I fantasize about having a beautiful yard. I don’t want to do the work mostly because I don’t really know what I’m doing. I will put those plants in the ground this weekend though and hope for the best.

Currently I am giving myself a big ol’ break on all of this. I’m trying to figure out how to be kind to myself during this period of upheaval and transition. Sometimes everything feels like an uphill climb, but with every up there is also the easy downhill coast. I know I’m heading into that and I look forward to feeling the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.
Catch you on the flip side,



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