Flexible Body/Flexible Brain

What’s going on this week?

Growing some herbs from seeds. It’s a first and I’m so proud! This little chicken seems to like them too.


Getting some exercise. A 6 mile run in the rain on Sunday. And a visit to the pool on Monday.


My plan Tuesday was to go for a run after school and sign language class, but I neglected to check in with my other half regarding his plans. He had baseball practice after school, which meant I had to get home to take care of the dogs. Ok, Plan B it is! Workout at home – strength circuit from Betty Rocker (squat jumps, single leg squats, push ups, jumping lunges and tricep dips – for 15 minutes), and a 15 minute yoga stretch video. The dogs “helped” by licking my ears and going between my arms in downward dog. Laying down in corpse pose and looking up at the beautiful blue sky and leafy trees was the highlight of my day. I loved that I took the time to see something I normally would not have probably bothered to appreciate.

This was my original plan for the week:

Monday – swim

Tuesday – run

Wednesday – strength

Thursday – run

Friday – rest (out to dinner)

Saturday – bike ride

Sunday – long run (7 miles)

And then life happens. Plans change. It’s important to be flexible and be prepared in case something comes up. In my case, Tuesday’s plans changed; I had to get home. Ok reshuffle the workouts.

Wednesday was up in the air – do I need to get right home after school or can I stay and run then get home later? I packed a running bag in case I can stay  and run at school, but if I have to get home then I’ll put my bike trainer in the yard and catch up on some Netflix. Either way works for me.

It’s important to have both a flexible body and a flexible brain. Sometimes Plan A works out, sometimes you have to consider a Plan B, C, or D. The one thing I’m trying not to do is use my schedule snafus as an excuse to skip working out. And of course communicate with my better half so we know each other’s plans. Annnd write my schedule in pencil.

See you on the trails,




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